Earl Grey Pudding


Rice Pudding, Dried Raspberry, Wholemeal Crumb, Lime Sherbet, Strawberry Lime Ice Cream

Pistachio Panna-Cotta


Amaretto-Orange Panna-Cotta, Lychee Granita, Limecurd, Almond Crumb, Cocoa Meringue, Orange Gel (GF, available DF)

Blueberry Bread and Butter Pudding


Roasted White Chocolate, Blueberry Puree, Roasted Almonds, Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Fondant


Caramelized Walnut Chocolate Fondant, Espresso Bailey Caviar, Chocolate Soil, Miso Caramel, Raspberry Compote, Vanilla Ice Cream



Espresso Shot, Ice Cream, One Choice of Liquor, Frangelico, Baileys, Drambuie, Disaronno 


To Share

small 21.00
large 40.00
Smidgen of Cheese, Pick One to Try For Yourself 9.00

Blue D’Auvergne

Bleu D’Auvergne is creamy ivory colour, dotted with blue-green mould due to the Penicillium roqueforti, which gives the cheese its typical bluish-green veins.

Comte Young (Cheddar)

Comté cheese paste is firm and supple and melts in the mouth, leaving a sweet taste. The salt is strong but balanced and the flavour has a nutty tang.

Fromager Affinois a la Coupe (Brie)

Mild and buttery, it's an amazing addition to the Brie world. It's produced from milk that has been specially filtered to break down some of the fat content; yielding a lighter, smoother, silkier texture than other Brie.